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Indexing Line

A laminating and indexing line will be functioning during the fair. Thanks to its new cut and trimming system, cleans all the edges of the panel. The process that this indexing line carries out starts with the cleaning and preparation of the panel. It then enters a hotmelt gluing machine, where glue is applied with a silicone roller that adjusts perfectly to the surface.

After that it goes through an indexing table, formed by a driving roller belt conveyor and a stocking rack with a ramp tray on top, which synchronizes the outfeed overlaying the skins on top of the glued boards. Lastly, the new cut and trimming module separates, cuts and cleans the sheet applied over the board by the means of a calander with an unwinder.

Indexing Line

Technical features

New cutting device

Innovative cutting and cleaning system that cleans up all edges of the panel


All different modules can be customized to fit the needs of every project

Cost effectiveness

Improve costs and their effectiveness with this automatic line that allows you to relocate your workers and make your line more profitable

Amazing finishes

High quality surfaces that are found among the top-market quality


Remote Support System

Live calls with experts
Interactive guides step by step
Augmented reality support
Instant document exchange
iOS and Android support
Tablet&Microsoft HoloLens ready