Compact Line HG

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Compact Line HG

Single sided compact laminating machine with smoothing roller suitable for the application of glue on the panel and laminate with transparent foil. The process is perfect for melamine coated or digital printed panels achieving a bright high gloss finish. Any other type of foil can be applied obtaining the highest finishing quality as well.

Compact Line HG


Machinery designed to fit every cutomer needs

Glue-to-board laminator

Application of hotmelt glues directly onto the board for a seamless, even spread

High-quality, high-gloss surfaces

Perfectly finished surfaces that achieve top-market qualities

Extremely regular and clean surface finish

Obtain an impeccable finish – every time

Can be integrated into a line

Can fit into a production line, and be customized to be exactly what you need


Remote support system

Live calls with experts
Interactive guides step by step
Augmented reality support
Instant document exchange
iOS and Android support
tablet&Microsoft HoloLens ready