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Digital Printing


This line processes panels following the latest technology for digital texture creation: trueTEXTURE®. It is formed by a Jetmaster (4 or 6 colors), that prints digitally into the panel, and a Jetmaster TRT, that applies the product to generate the texture.


Ideal for flooring and furniture applications
Sharp structure
Adjustable depth of texture with grayscale generation of deeper structures, depending on the wet coat thickness


Technical features

A revolutionary technology for digital texture generation

Design sharpness

A precise, sharp design that is synchronized with digitally printed images for a perfect finish

Texture depth

As with a grayscale, texture deepness is variable to realistically reproduce natural textures

Negative texture

Created by substraction, generates its haptic effects by extracting material from the panel

Low generating cost

Because of its negative technology, reduces costs by not using as much product


Jetmaster Cloud

Get the most of a centralized system to analyze the work data of your printing machine, from anywhere, anytime.

Make the best decisions in terms of production, costs and preventive maintenance, getting to know the machine performance in depth.

Through a web browser, you can view a detailed history on:

productivity data: printed meters, printer boards, production time, finished orders, printed images
production costs: quantity of ink used in the production, purge done
incidents: machine stops, alarms, etc.


Inspection system

Intelligent inspection system that allows to analize the state of the machine and apply the needed corrections automatically.

– missing detection
– orinting failures detection
– automatic alignment
– hue adjustments


Remote support platform

Live calls with experts
Interactive guides step by step
Augmented reality support
Instant document exchange
iOS and Android support
Tablet&Microsoft HoloLens ready